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about handmade shop

Welcome To Hand Made Shop

We offer online shopping, for everyone.
Whether you are an artist, a photographer, a musician, a professional or an organization, we offer all the services and the features needed to get a great online experience.
We are a market for craftsmen selling their unique handmade items reaching hundreds of customers all over the world. Discover real and unique products now!
Our passion and support for contemporary artists to produce products in various forms: knitting, sewing, decoration, arts, engraving, accessories as well as marketing. We design programs to showcase your brands, a system to create a drag-and-drop site, designer models and innovative applications.


Memberships are the backbone of this store, allowing us to maintain our exhibitions and products.
Join us to become part of the Jordanian Art Development, register now.

Information about us

Welcome to the handmade shop online.
Our story begins with our love and deep appreciation for handmade products.
We are excited to present you with our unique vision. We believe you'll find that same attention to detail as to our customer service approach.
We should emphasize that we are not business driven organization. Certainly, our work ethic and artistic vision has translated to the success in our proceeds, but it does not and never will define who we are. Every single one of us makes up a part if this store and who all are first and foremost artists at heart.
Our team cares deeply about every piece of work including each necklace, bracelet including other handmade pieces that we custom design and sell to customers like you.
We have a unique vision for what our products should showcase. Our designers combine Middle Eastern elegance with Western countries panache in a way that speaks to the handmade products characteristics.
Handmade Shop has faith that if our artists create products that really speak to them, then it will also speak our customers.
If you're passionate about the handmade products that you love, then you know that they are not abundant, so to speak, and that their absence is what inspired us to bring our own unique vision to the marketplace. We believe that there's nothing else quite like the pieces that we offer, fueling our ambition and encouraging brave confidence to create the shop and art that you will see at Handmade Shop.
All of the products we work on are crafted by hand and are truly unique. Here at Handmade Shop, we will display the fashions we enjoy for you to be able to wear the clothes you deserve. These pieces reflect elegance, spirit and heritage, the artistic spirit of the artist who conceived and made them alive. For us, this spirit is the difference between craftsmanship and manufactured products.
Our designs are all-inclusive for women and men, and designed for all ages.
The artists of the handicraft shop are quite different, just as their work. You will definitely find suitable items for women of all ages and lifestyles and we'll help you get it!
Since the foundation of handicraft, our focus has been on handicrafts in Jordan. This basic vision will never diminish, but will continue to grow as fashion generally does. We want to continue to expand our choices for women and for men alike.
You will find many other artistic items added to our choices, because our team works on the authenticity of the Middle Eastern heritage.
Nothing is more important to us than you and our other customers pledge to you. You are our lifeline and the reason for earning a living. All the high quality handmade products we make, we make them for you. With each piece we sell to you, we want to ensure your full satisfaction.
If you are dissatisfied with a piece of Handmade Shop for any reason, just return it to us in its original condition within 30 days, we will refund your money without a doubt. We're also available to you always if you have questions about the products we make or other aspects of our business.
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Our online store is perfect for your needs. You have complete freedom to express yourself in regards to our products, run your business through us, and access them online anywhere anytime.
We offer high-value services, but our business model allows us to provide complete websites services for everyone. We also need to make some money to keep our online shop up and running, so a small amount of $ 20.00 a month, every 6 months will help us to keep going and helping our participating artists.
We guarantee that your experience is simple and fun and will be easy for anyone to log on to your website so you can sell in a way that is no less than magical!

Our Team

Our team of artists has extensive experience in handicrafts collected in a handmade shop so the web has been designed for them to showcase their products.
We are a team of artists and craftsmen who designs products very accurately (both online and offline) to find the best products for your life. As well as being experts in our fields, we are also consumers - and we have a passion for products and services that make your life easier.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our users make the best purchases - it's that simple. We offer handmade products at your fingertips. To be frank, it can be very small and take a long time and sort out all the options. This is where you reach it. Do not expand your search so you can find what you're looking for - quickly and reliably in a handmade shop

Contact Us 0788635801 **** Welcom to our new website ****

why Choose handmade shop

A full team will be ready to provide you with the most creative solutions in the world of marketing, either by displaying handcrafts in social networks, designing your website or anything else related to creative marketing. For the owners of manual dementia
Because we have an integrated team capable of making our services work for our customers, we provide you with a professional team of handicrafts and experts in this field to offer you the best products
We are keen to avoid many of the problems that customers face with other companies. Because online marketing is (communication), we are handmade shop that understands the value of contact and follow up with our customers
But we don't stop there. we offer you a variety of tools and expert advice to help you make buying decisions and to find the best product to suit your needs.